Meet New Families

These families have currently been accepted into the Habitat homeownership program.

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Justine & Family

Justine and her 5 children immigrated to the States over 8 years ago as
refugees and became citizens in early 2018. Justine’s tenacious commitment to her children became apparent from the very beginning. She has been with the same employer for several years and works an incredible amount of
overtime to make sure her family’s needs are met.

Tori 5.jpg

Tori & Family

As a single parent, and the challenges that come along with it, the reality of homeownership has felt unattainable to Tori. Today’s housing market is as
expensive and costly as it’s ever been. Thanks to Lakeshore Habitat and the support of friends, family and the greater community, Tori and her daughter are on a path to making this dream a reality.


Elizabeth & Family

Elizabeth and her two kids first applied for our program in 2020, but didn't quite meet the requirements of the program. She continued to work hard to meet the requirements.  Through community support she found a good paying job, established good credit, and started saving.


Metta & Family

Metta is driven and committed to caring for her four boys.  As a single mom, she works full time will also attending college.  Finding safe and affordable housing for her and her boys has been a significant challenge.  Metta and her boys are hopeful for their new life in a Habitat home.


Nina & Family

Nina is a hard-working mother, doing everything she can to provide for her children.  Homeownership has been a long-time goal for their family.  Their Habitat home will provide the safety and stability their family has been working toward; an opportunity for each child to flourish and thrive in community.


Victoria & Family

Victoria is a single parent who is eager to be an equipped homeowner who can confidently use her learned skills to provide for her family.  Victoria shares "It's something I didn't think was possible as a single parent, but it's the stability I've strived for since my son was born." 


Andrea & Family

Andrea is a military veteran and mom to Emma.  Although Andrea’s roots are in the country of Chile in South America, she graduated from West Ottawa High School in Holland. Andrea shared that everything is complicated, hard and scary in Chile, which is why she and her mom decided to move Emma back to the United States in 2018. “I wanted my daughter to succeed here, make friends and have a beautiful life. There are so many more opportunities, and this is where she was born.”



Brittany is a 30-year-old resident of Hudsonville with a heart for others, spending her days working as a Special Education Bus Aide for Hudsonville Public Schools. While struggling to find affordable housing, Brittany has dealt with much tragedy and grief in her life that has also impacted her own mental health. Like many others in our community, she became used to hearing “no” when it came to accessing an affordable, safe housing option, often unable to meet the necessary requirements. One of her first statements to us was, “I just can’t believe I’ve finally found someone who is willing to take a chance on me.”