Housing Program Overview

We want to come alongside you to make the dream of homeownership possible and provide affordable housing repairs.  Take the first step by clicking the appropriate button below "Apply for a Home" or "Apply for Home Repair" and fill out the online interest form.  Once the interest form is received, our Homeowner Services Coach will contact you to discuss your situation and answer your questions.  Please allow at least a week for a response.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about homeownership and repair.

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Frequently asked questions

Homeownership Program

How long does your program take?

It depends on the project, each home build is different. On average, our process takes 18-20 months.

How do you determine who gets a house?

We have an extensive selection process in which we look at a variety of aspects of a homeowner such as level of need and ability to pay back the loan.

How much do your homes cost?

Home costs vary slightly from project to project. We build homes that work within our future homeowner's income level and are safe, decent, and affordable.

Can I apply if I have bad credit?

Yes. While we do encourage applicants to work on repairing any bad credit, we recognize that life circumstances can impact credit scores.

Can I apply if I have a record?

Yes. While there are limitations to what we can and can not do regarding situations with re-entering citizens, we are open to working with individuals who may have a record.

Can I apply if I am not married?

Yes. We adhere to Fair Housing Laws and the Equal Housing Act.

Can I apply if I am not a Christian?

Yes. While we are a faith-based Christian organization, we adhere to Fair Housing Laws and the Equal Housing Act.

Home Repair

How do you determine who gets a home repair?

Home Repair projects are selected first based on the project and if it fits our scope of work. Once that is determined we look at the availability of funds for the program as well as the availability of volunteers to help with a particular project.

How much do your repairs cost?

Each project will vary. We put together a full scope of work document that is reviewed with the homeowners before we begin any work.

What are the limitations of your home repair projects?

We have a scope of work: - Repairs that are on the exterior repairs of a home - We currently only work within the City of Holland - The project must be no more than $5,000

Do you work on mobile homes?

No. We currently do not work on mobile homes.

General Questions

What is AMI?

The Area Median Income (AMI) is the midpoint of a region's income distribution - half of families in a region earn more than the median and half earn less than the median. The AMI will vary depending on the county where the family wants to live.