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Homeownership and Home Repair Services

Celebrating safe home ownership
Secure family housing

We believe every person deserves a safe and affordable place to live.

When you partner with Lakeshore Habitat, you can own a home where you and your family can thrive.

How Lakeshore Habitat Builds Families

A home offers stability.

Substandard housing is a constant strain, mentally and physically. A safe, healthy home will offer comfort and protection, allowing families to focus on the future.

Families build on worksites.

Every family who partners with Lakeshore Habitat will help build their home and the homes of other families in the program.

Lakeshore Habitat homes are affordable.

Paying too much for housing traps families in a tough cycle. We work with families to ensure they can afford their 0% interest mortgage payments.

Families learn skills they need.

Homeowners complete education courses that cover financial literacy, hands-on home maintenance training, and much more.

A home is a legacy.

A home is an investment that can offer benefits for generations—a Habitat home is just the same. Lakeshore Habitat families are building an asset and a legacy.

Families contribute sweat equity.

Lakeshore Habitat families help our ministry grow by lending a hand at the Lakeshore ReStore, in the warehouse, or in the office.

Mother and daughter for Lakeshore Habitat
Our Habitat homeowners are thriving

"My mortgage is less than what my rent had been, enabling me to buy healthier food for meals, get my son in a better daycare, and pay for everyday necessities without having to worry if I could pay the bills.”

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