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New homeowner in west michigan
Join the neighborhood
Children blessed by monthly donations
building community in west michigan

Meet Gabe, a monthly donor.

Gabe grew up in the second Lakeshore Habitat home ever built and believes his home changed his life. Now, 30 years later, he's the one helping Lakeshore Habitat, with a consistent monthly gift.

Why become a Neighborhood Monthly Donor?

A Neighborhood monthly gift is your commitment to ensuring that more families in our community can thrive in a place they call home.

Neighborhood donors provide financial stability that improves our long-range budgeting, planning, and decision-making.

The Neighborhood also protects Lakeshore Habitat during times of financial uncertainty or emergency, such as natural disaster or global pandemic.

Automatic deductions from your bank account simplifies and ensures monthly giving.

Women volunteering and building homes

I continue to donate monthly because the need for Habitat is as important as ever. Unfortunately, affordable housing remains a significant obstacle for many families in America, especially in the wake of the pandemic. I know that my regular donation will help Habitat plan for future projects and for changing the lives of families.

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