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How to Donate to the ReStore

Restore donation tools
Donation at Restore for Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity

Your donation helps build safe and affordable homes.

When you donate to The Lakeshore ReStore you're helping local families access affordable homeownership.

Donating your items is easy.

Bring your items to us or let us pick up larger items for you.

Remodeling your home and replacing cabinets, doors, and more?

Let our skilled team come in to carefully handle the deconstruction, removal, and transportation of your reusable items.

Why donate to the Lakeshore ReStore?

Sustainable donations


It helps the environment: Every item donated to the ReStore means less useable material thrown in a landfill.

Strengthening community


It’s good for the community: Every ReStore purchase helps local families thrive through Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity’s Homeownership Program.

Tax Deductible donations


While your donation helps provide homes for others, for you it's tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Donations from your house

It's Easy!

Free pick-up makes donating simple: Call or submit a pickup request online for a free pickup of your large donations.

What can be donated to the Lakeshore ReStore?

All items must be in good condition so that they can be resold. The Lakeshore ReStore reserves the right to refuse any item. If you don’t see an item on either list, or if you have a donation question, please call us at (616) 399-7006. And we accept cars, boats, trucks, and RVs too!

window donation

Building Supplies

  • Cabinets, doors and hardware

  • Doors: sliding only

  • Drywall/Plywood/MDF (2’ x 4’ minimum)

  • Hardware: door and cabinet

  • HVAC ductwork, registers, thermostats

  • Lumber/trim (over 4’ with no nails or screws)

  • Nails and fasteners

  • Shelving (no MDF, please) and brackets

  • Roofing materials

  • Vinyl siding, soffit, facia, trim

  • Windows

paint supplies donation


  • Ceramic Tile (wall, floor)

  • Floor coverings (LVT, laminate)

  • Paint Supplies (as-new brushes and rollers)

  • Window Blinds/Coverings (no cords)

furniture donation


  • Bed frames and headboards

  • Dining tables and chairs

  • End/coffee tables

  • Upholstered

  • Free Standing Desks

lighting donation

Electrical Supplies

  • Ceiling Fans

  • Wire, boxes, panels, outlets, switches

  • Lighting (ceiling, wall, and table) -please remove non-LED bulbs

appliance donation

Household Items

  • Appliances (fully functional only)

  • Mirrors (must be framed)

outdoor furniture donation

Lawn and Garden

  • Outdoor Power Tools (functional only)

  • Patio sets/picnic tables

  • Paver/patio stones

  • Sprinkler, hose, and irrigation

bathroom fixture donation


  • Supplies (pipes/fittings)

  • Fixtures, sinks, toilets (cleaned, bleached & emptied of water)

  • Tubs & Showers (Like New)

power tools donation


  • Hand and power tools

Condition of Donations


  • Full pieces only (no partially cut pieces)

  • Must be bundled in packs of 10 (loose pieces will not be accepted)

  • No nails or fasteners

  • Must be in good condition or better


  • No stains

  • No odors

  • No rips or tears in fabric

Appliances and Power Tools

  • Must be fully functional

  • Power cords must be in good condition (no loose, frayed or exposed wires)

  • Required accessory parts such as mounting brackets, burners, racks, microwave turntables, etc. must be included

  • Must be clean with no built-up food or grease on any surface

Donations NOT Accepted

car donation


  • Car/Truck Parts and Tires

  • Car/Truck Accessorie

window frame donation

Building Supplies

  • Doors: exterior & interior

  • Drywall/Plywood/MDF (smaller than 2’ x 4’)

  • Glass without frame

  • Granite or quartz countertops

  • Lumber/Trim (smaller than 4’ or with nails)

  • Shingles (less than a full bundle)

  • Window Sash (older wood frames are okay)

  • Shower Doors

  • Jetted Tubs

furniture donation


  • Baby furniture, cribs or toys

  • Mattresses

  • Desks that must be bolted to walls

paint donation


  • Carpeting, area rugs or runners

  • Mirrors without frames

  • Paint 

  • Window blinds/coverings with cords

household donation


  • Clothing

  • Electronic

lighting donation

Electrical Supplies

  • Non-LED Light Bulbs

rules for donating

Prohibited By Law

  • Alcoholic Beverages

  • Guns, Ammunition, Weapons

  • Hazardous Chemicals

  • Recalled Items

  • Safety Equipment

  • Stolen Goods

Volunteer at the ReStore

With locations in Holland and South Haven, we rely on volunteers. Volunteer tasks range from accepting and testing donations, and helping stock the shelves, to greeting, assisting, and checking out customers.

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