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Daud & Family

Daud, his wife, and their two sons have lived in Holland since December 2015. They moved here from Pakistan, where they lived for many years as refugees from Afghanistan.  Since the family’s arrival in 2015, Harderwyk Church in Holland has sponsored them, helping with paperwork for immigration services, teaching them English, helping with homework, and providing transportation to appointments, the grocery store, and work.  In addition to all this, Harderwyk also told them about Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity. 

Daud and his family have lived in a mobile home that is in constant need of repair. Their lot rent continues to increase, and when they tried to get preapproved for a bank loan, home prices were far too high for them to afford. Daud had a dream of owning a home, but it seemed like it would never happen. After hearing about Lakeshore Habitat's Homeownership Program through Harderwyk, they decided to apply. When they found out they had been approved, they were so happy and excited to work with Lakeshore Habitat and become future homeowners.

“I am very thankful to the entire Lakeshore Habitat team. If I hadn’t gotten this home, I never would have thought I would be able to own a home. It’s one of my dreams – through Habitat, that dream has come true.”

They have lived in many places, but we are so thankful Daud and his family will finally have a place of  their own to call home.

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