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A different type of Habitat volunteer.

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

As a summer intern at Lakeshore Habitat, I had no idea part of my internship would include heading to Hudsonville on a Tuesday afternoon to meet a group of women who give to Lakeshore Habitat - not by building on the construction site, or volunteering in the ReStore, but through their love of quilting.

When I arrived, the first thing I noticed were the beautiful quilts hanging off the back of each chair in the worship area – every single row! Because there were so many, I assumed I’d be meeting a large group of quilters. As I walked into their dedicated quilting room, I was surprised to see only 8 women, with one quilt already fully put together and a second one being worked on. They warmly welcomed me in even though they weren't expecting me, all while continuing to work together on their quilt. As I spent time with them, I learned more:

-This group began in 1999, before even having their current church building at Bread of Life Lutheran in Hudsonville.

-Most of their materials are found at thrift stores and would have otherwise been tossed.

-The group of quilters is not exclusive to church members as some do not even attend the church.

-Some group members do part of the quilting work at home.

-They usually make 5-6 quilts a week.

-Every quilt is unique.

-They distribute these quilts to anyone or any agency that can use them, Lakeshore Habitat being one of them. Each Lakeshore Habitat homeowner receives these new quilts at their home dedication.

-This quilting ministry happens to be less than a 5 minute drive from our newest townhomes being built in Hudsonville, Buttermilk Creek Townhomes.

We are grateful to this group of women who have found a way to build community, practice their craft, and bless others while they do it.

Click here to get involved as a volunteer with Lakeshore Habitat!

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