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A Home Dedication for a Hopeful Future

This July we had the privilege of having our first home dedication at our Vista Green development. What an honor to walk with Elizabeth through this journey to homeownership. In case you weren’t able to be there in person, take a few minutes to hear words from Elizabeth, her mentor and our Lakeshore Habitat team.

Dave Rozman, Senior Development Director:

“Today is a historic day. Several years ago we were praying about how to serve more families in our family. And then this property became available. And a partnership with Jubilee began. It’s taken dreaming, planning, praying, thousands of volunteer hours, and lots of work to get to where we are. Now, we have the first three homes almost complete.

As we gather today, we’ll hear about what this home is going to mean to Elizabeth, and think about what this neighborhood is going to mean to all the families who live here, and our community as a whole. The need for affordable housing is great in our community and there’s not a lot that’s going on to solve this issue. Jubilee and Habitat are excited to come together to help provide solutions to that problem.

Elizabeth, you have been committed to serving and providing for your family – we know this home is going to help you do that.”

Elena Van Drie, Board Member & Volunteer Mentor:

“My name is Elena and I was introduced to Elizabeth several years ago when I first started volunteering at Lakeshore Habitat while serving on the homeowner selection committee. I didn’t know it then, but I had the opportunity from that point to begin building a relationship with her. It’s been a privilege to walk alongside her during this journey. This family has been through a lot. But I love how you guys have just overcome so much, by the grace of God, and you just keep moving forward. This is the most tenacious and resilient women I have ever met. No matter what, Elizabeth and her kids are overcomers. I have seen such growth – both from Elizabeth and her family. As a single mom – and that’s no joke, you are a provider, you make it a safe place – regardless of where you have been. Elizabeth always says ‘thank you, thank you’ to me, but I got more out of this than she did, and it has been such a privilege.”

Elizabeth, Vista Green Homeowner:

"Not everyone here knows me and what this really means to our family. When we became homeless, my children and me had nowhere to go. I had friends that took us in who were so good to me. I was able to save enough to purchase a car. But until that point, I couldn’t go to work or take my kids to school. My friends came together, even though I was separated from my kids, and found safe places for my kids to stay so all of us could get to work and school. When I learned that I could apply for this house, I put everything into it, because I had nothing. I had reached rock bottom. I really put my heart and everything I could into it. I worked hard. I just want to let all of you know that I am so grateful for Habitat. That you care enough to take a family out of the streets – a good family. Remember that bad things happen to good people. We are so thankful for everyone who made this possible."

Raul Garcia, Homeowner Services Coach

“We are going to pray over and bless the home and celebrate this milestone together. This is the future you envisioned that is finally coming to be realized. Maybe even a future you didn’t think you had to dream about. The trajectory of your lives have changed – there is hope in a way that you haven’t experienced for years.

We build strength, stability and independence through affordable homeownership.

But I think even more significant is what’s listed on the back – seeking to put God’s love into ACTION. We build homes, communities and hope. What’s exciting for me to see is the community we are fostering that we dreamed about. You have neighbors you know. People who are all working together to achieve their homeownership dream. You are building relationships well before you move in. There is a community of support, and there’s ton of it. Every wall, every stud, every nail, is from people who care about you and want to create this space for you and other families. Other supporters who have made quilts, donated books, given financial dollars, who have been thinking about you for a very long time. We want this hope to be an extension – that every single person who steps through your door will also experience this hope.

But the most significant is the hope that comes along with it. Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you, plans for welfare and not for evil. But to give you a hope and a future.”

Prayer: “Heavenly father, I am grateful, encouraged and excited, seeing the people who are here, who have been supporters, who have lent their sweat to make this possible. This doesn’t happen by one organization or one individual, it takes a community. Every time we get to celebrate this we are reminded of this. We are reminded of the significance and the impact of what these homes do for our families and their future. God, I pray that your blessing would continue to be poured out over this household- that the dreams that have been tough to imagine would inspire those dreams to be pursued. The example that Elizabeth has given her kids to reach for the stars. Grace them with favor, grace them with endurance, grace them with peace. I pray that this home would also be a place where others are invited to experience this.”

To become a volunteer mentor, contact us at

To make a financial gift to Vista Green, visit our giving page.

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